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This blog is a campaign of saving girl child as people doing bad practice and killing them even before birth. It's to let them to know, "How precious a Girl is!" So be a member of this campaign and share this on your Facebook, twitter, Google plus account or mail your friends and spread the awareness. You can do every possible thing that you think is right to stop this murders. Look-up around you and see if this is happening and try to stop is by hook or crook.

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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Girl Education – It is very Important in this Age of Globalization

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Children's rights are one of the human rights of children with special attention to the rights of a particular security and protection and care which is afforded to minors, these rights mainly afforded to the association with both parents, human identity and also the fundamental requirements for food, nutrition, universal state-paid health care, education and criminal laws suitable for their age and development of the child.

Understanding of children's rights starts from allowing children the capability for self-directed action for the enforcement of children. This right makes the free from physically, mentally and emotionally abuse. Remembering the matter of children rights, some country which is under the UNISEF make some child welfare program. These welfare programs are mainly organized by NGO’s. Free education, free handcraft training, etc are under this well fare program. So if somebody has to develop some child welfare program, then he/she must remember that free child education along with good school facilities have to be provided.

Girl education is one of the effective and powerful tools which can make as well as opens up new opportunities to all types of people. In ancient India, the woman is always positioned at a higher and sacred position. But women have lost their position and once a time came when women were totally refrained from obtaining a proper education. But recently the situation has been quite changed, there are lots of girls' schools were opened in all parts of the country. Now properly educated women are considered as same as men.

It is a true fact that, Women Empowerment in India is one of the tough as well as challenging task as we require to acknowledge the point. The point is that gender centered category is a deep rooted communal malice practiced in India in numerous types since centuries. Increasing rules, regulations and strategy are not sufficient as it is observed that all most all times such rules and regulations just remain on the document. Dealing with the Women Empowerment in India is one of the long drawn battle against community cultural structural forces that are also against female's development in the society.

Friday, 29 August 2014

A Poem on Saving Girl Child By A Pharmaceutical Company

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A Leading Pharmaceutical Company's poster I spotted in a clinic, I go for check ups. When I saw the poster with such lines; I was cleared to share this with all of you. Such campaigning by a pharmaceutical company and promoting it in clinics and hospitals helps it going viral. The main thing is, It was written in Hindi and so people who couldn't read English but think of having boy instead girl could easily connect to it. and understand the importance of girl child, daughter, wife and mother. 

Even though, everyone knows the fact that woman is as important as water to give birth a baby boy but unfortunately, one they get married with a girl; they want baby boy. I hope by reading these wonderful and heart touching lines and even by observing girls nearby who are helping their parents instead of their brother. Here, I want to make it clear of not having any intention of saying that boys doesn't take care of their parents. But it's the girl who always take care of them even after marriage. Here is the poem based on Saving girl child that I spotted in a clinic. Read the post for Saving girl child slogan here.

बोये जाते हैं बेटे
और उग  आती हैं बेटियां
खाद -पानी बेटों में
और लहलहाती हैं बेटियां
एवरेस्ट की ऊंचाइयों तक ठेले जाते हैं बेटे
और चढ़ जाती हैं बेटियां
रुलाते हैं बेटे
और रोतीं हैं बेटियां
कई तरह गिरते हैं बेटे
संभाल लेती हैं बेटियां
सुख के स्वप्न दिखाते बेटे
जीवन का यथार्थ बेटियां
जीवन तो बेटो का है
और मारी जाती हैं बेटियां

                                        - बेटी बचाओ
                                        (Save The Girl Child)

Friday, 25 July 2014

Indian Society turns out to be the most unsafe place for girls

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India, the land of rich tradition and culture consider women as reincarnation of Gods, and our forefathers taught us to worship ladies from the inner part of the heart. But now, things have changed a lot, and Indian socity is now witnessing the depth of its degradation when it comes to women exploitation. Indian women are not safe anywhere, no matter whether she is in her home, on roads or on her working place. She is facing sexual exploitation and gender bias from all corners, and the fact is absolutely alarming in nature. 

The incident of Nirbhaya was an eye opener to many, but despite of the protest which happened in the National Capital, the incidents of rapes continued in all other corners of the nation. Recently, a six year old girl got raped from her school in Bangalore, and this shows the intensity of this problem. The rare capability of human beings to distinguish their sexual partners are slowly diminishing, and if it continues like this, then there will be no difference between street dogs and human kinds. Another case reported in Kerala was bit more dreaded where a son sexually exploited his mother. The incident shocked the entire state, and this news was spread like wildfire all across the nation. 

Due to the increased violence against women, many parents are reluctant to give birth to baby girls. They are killing their babies from the womb, and these abortions are nothing but cold blooded murders done in the disguise of medical parameters. Reducing the atrocities against women will surely help parents to gain confidence, and they will not say YES to the abortion of a baby girl and surly follow the campaign of Saving Girl Child.

Always remember, without woman the world will not exist. She is the one who spends her valuable 10 months to give birth to a baby. Try to see your mom in every woman, and this will surely help to reduce the cases of rapes and sexual exploitation. If you wish to sexually exploit a woman, then always remember, your mom and sister are also females, and there will be some other hawk eyes waiting for them. Women are not sexual objects, but they are literally a much elegant creature than man in all aspects.  

Thursday, 8 May 2014

A Girl, Can't Cry Even If She Want To

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मां वेश्‍या, भाई सड़क हादसे में मारा गया, एक बूढ़े इंसान से करा दी गई इस बच्‍ची की शादी, लेकिन आज तक इसकी आंख से एक बूंद आंसू नहीं निकला. आप इस बच्‍ची की कहानी जानकर हैरान रह जाएंगे और अंदर तक हिल जाएंगे:

Although, There are thousand of videos which are based on same subject but why the hell people of our society are still sleeping? Look at that girl, it's an example or you can say trailer! People actually don't realize but where we are going man? look at our politician, film star and even a single person of our country. They think, it's happening with them (these poor people) but who is responsible for all this? 


Save Girl Child and help nation to grow!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

When Men Lie, They Actually Respect Your Feelings

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Yes, So True! "A man who has never lie to a woman, has no respect for her feeling."

He knows what will hurt you and what will not. He always want to see you happy so lie always and hide thing that might make you sad. So next time when he lie to you, Make sure there are some good reason!

Note:- If he always tell lie that mean he try to hide his bad part or some bad habits or some mistakes that had made and thought you might get unhappy. But in such cases you need to be bad.

Cause sometimes it good to be bad and deal with things around you, Take Care if he is your BF or Husband.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Short Film Based on Girl Child Development Directed by Jagmeet Bal

SAVE THE GIRL CHILD, a film conceived,
Written and Directed by Jagmeet Bal and produced by Vikram Sahney (Chairman, Sun Foundation) Background Music by Pankaj Pushkar
Background Vocals by Harshdeep Kaur
Voice Over by Shreya Sharma
Cinematography by Navneet Misser

Sweta Tiwari played the character of mom, who is being forced for abortion. Well, this was just an ad to make people aware of but still people are killing their girl and wish for a boy. They even don't understand and realize  the 'boy' they want is belongs to a girl (his mother, who is a girl too).

Killing a girl child is a crime and you will surly get the punishment for such activity but is that enough to stop killing girl child. We shouldn't need to understand of the circle that god gives us? And what punishment would be there for such criminal? and lot of other question too. Basically educated people are doing this which is been clear when Aamir khan's show were premier on Star Plus as illiterate person can't even thank about abortion and killing girl child, they said, "it's a god gift."

All we need to work together and through such disease out of world.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Educate Girls for Their Better Future - Why It is Important?

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There is a famous saying, “educate a man, you educate one person, educate a woman, you educate a complete family” but how many of us really believes in it? It is been confirmed by reports that more than 50 percent of girls in India fail to enroll in school and those who do are likely to drop out by the age of 12.

Lack of education and illiteracy in girls denies them to have good knowledge and skills needed for enhancing their status in society. Educating girl child helps in realizing her hidden potential, gives her freedom to think, act, question and judge world smartly and independently. Imparting education to girls makes them wise decision maker, teaches civic sense and help them to lead a respectful life.

Educating girl child is never wastage of money or resources instead it is a better investment for parents as once girls get employed, they will think of their parents before boys who will think of their own family first. Educated girls have better knowledge about health and hygiene in homes which improves families as they know what to do and how to do.

Denying education to girl child means destroying her talents. It has been seen that number of girls has been successful and helpful to communities and if good education is imparted to them, they can become good leaders who are more development oriented than men.

Various studies have confirmed that illiterate women have high levels of maternal mortality, low earning potential and poor nutritional status. Remember that if you want your community to grow and develop, avoid leaving section of girls behind in terms of education. We need all groups of society well-educated for proper development of nation. Girls should be taken as boys and women should be handled at par with men.

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