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This blog is a campaign of saving girl child as people doing bad practice and killing them even before birth. It's to let them to know, "How precious a Girl is!" So be a member of this campaign and share this on your Facebook, twitter, Google plus account or mail your friends and spread the awareness. You can do every possible thing that you think is right to stop this murders. Look-up around you and see if this is happening and try to stop is by hook or crook.

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Sunday, 23 September 2012

You Really Don't Know, How Important Girl is?

Girl, a Mother, Sister, Wife, Grand Mother, Daughter and many other relation she is having all over world. Everyone knows that she is the root of human being still no body cares! Why? 

Basically, the countries which are affected with low ratio of girls are Asian Countries. So they really don't know the importance of Girl? Why they just hope for a boy child and not for a girl? After all for a young boy they will require a girl to married the with and if the scene will go continue killing girl child then how it will be possible to find a girl? There are several other question too, you might never think of or may be you thought about.

* Without a Girl we can't imagine the next generation as she is the root of human being. Without her you can expect a son or a happy life. She cares about you and be with you whenever you need. So she is precious gift of god, respect her.

* A Girl is very respectable in India, people worship her as Devi (Angel). She is the all in all to grow a family and manipulate her family. She respect her parents and care her husband.

* She is the mother of all Sons and daughter and if a girl being killed while birth, How can someone expect to get a son further if there is no girl? Wish for a son is not bad but killing a girl for a son is not worth! If every one will do the same then with whom your son will marry?

lot's of other thing that people already know but they don't wanna face the fact and  for a boy child, girl child still killing. As the result count of girls in India is very less. So everyone need to think about this which will soon become a  BIG problem. Save girl child and contribute in the development of nation and the world as would become nothingness without a woman.

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