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This blog is a campaign of saving girl child as people doing bad practice and killing them even before birth. It's to let them to know, "How precious a Girl is!" So be a member of this campaign and share this on your Facebook, twitter, Google plus account or mail your friends and spread the awareness. You can do every possible thing that you think is right to stop this murders. Look-up around you and see if this is happening and try to stop is by hook or crook.

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Monday, 24 September 2012

'Slogans' on Saving the Girl Child, Share Your Own!

Looking for some 'Slogans' for the campaign of "Save Girl Child"? Here are some Slogans you might like and if you have some great slogans which can be used to save girl child, Must share.

Don’t let their lives end before it even begins
Girls are the one that becomes mother one day, she is the daughter, she is the sister, she is the wife, she is the one that gives a new think to the culture, she is the one that knots the whole family together. A baby girl is an angel to the family not a sin, don't end her life before it begins, let her live and enjoy the happy moments of life.
Man Thinks He Is HERO But Without 'Her' He Is (O), Zero.
As the slogan depicts it has such a great meaning behind its creation that a man thinks his whole life that he is Hero, he can do any thing of his own will and he will never be crushed by anyone or objected by everyone. But it is true that when he gets sad it will only be a girl that will make her feel comfortable and it will make him again feel joyful. So without a girl in her life he is none less than zero. A girl gives meaning to his life by making him feel warmth of love.

No girl – so, no mother – ultimately no life.
Right saying that our mother is also girl and if she will not be there then we will also be not here at the present time. She has given birth to us through how much pain and if we kill the girl child then it will also kill the life of our future successors.

Girls are pearls, save them.
Girls are like pearls that are most precious jewels in the whole oceans found by some people and they get much luck through them. In the same way girls are like pearls they are blessed to some people and whom they are blessed with brings luck to them. So Save Girl Child Don't Kill Them!!


  1. ladkiyo ko mat maro
    "jab tak hai jaan
    jab tak hai jaan"

  2. ladkiya desh ka gorav
    ladkiya desh ki shaan
    inhe mat maaro
    nahi banoge tum mahan
    nahi banoge tum mahan...........
    save girl child

    megha taneja

  3. boys are pearl,girls are dimond,
    boys are silver,girls are gold,
    little girl are heaven's flower,
    not to be sold....

  4. Girls are invisible ornaments for the honour,prestige and glory of generations.

  5. mat maro mat maro
    enhe mar tum pachtaoge .....
    agar aise hi maro ge to.......................
    bahu kaha se laaoge .......
    tell me from where........


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